Message from the President

When Mr. Fusajiro Kanematsu founded our company in 1889, he defined our Corporate Principle as: “Let us sow and nurture the seeds of global prosperity.”

Since then, the Kanematsu Group has been developing, sourcing, and delivering goods and services to the people who needs them across the world.

As the core company of Kanematsu Group in Europe, Kanematsu GmbH was established in 1957. Its business today is spread out in various field such as food, electronic equipment, steel, chemicals, and motor vehicles and parts.

Kanematsu GmbH would like to take a leading role in solving of social problems through the business, and work toward forming trade and investment bridges over Europe and the world.

Portrait of the general director of Kanematsu GmbH


August, 2021
Yoichiro Muramatsu