Steel, Materials & Plant

In the Steel, Materials & Plant Division, we cover a wide range of areas including trading in steel products in general and energy solutions including petroleum products, trading in functional chemicals, machinery, and the plant/infrastructure business. In each area, our employees use their high level of expertise to provide products with high added value and develop new products.
The Kanematsu Group brings together its comprehensive strength in the pursuit of integrated business operations beyond boundaries, and will also focus on investment in overseas business centered on our area of specialty, environment/energy.

Particularly in Europe, we are focusing on following two business fields:


Having a strong partnership with the world-wide manufactures of steel, metal and alloys, we have been selling those high quality products in all over Europe. Throughout our long sales history, we have established long and good relationships with many European customers and business partners, and we are always making proposals to meet the needs of our customers.



We are a global trader of a wide range of chemical products and have been challenging ourselves to meet the various needs of our customers in the world.

We have established a firm relationship with our European suppliers and customers in Asia. Our product ranges from health food, protein, functional chemicals, bioplastic products, to fine chemicals such as APIs, pharmaceutical intermediates & formulations. We always seek for new business collaborations in global scale.

(APIs, Pharmaceutical intermediates, and formulations):
We collaborate with our group company, Kanematsu Chemicals Corporation (KCC) who serves as an in-country caretaker of J-DMFs, applying for Foreign Manufacturer Accreditation, handling GMP compliance inspection for foreign manufacturers and holds various licenses (Marketing Authorization, pharmaceutical wholesale license, license for importing psychotropic drugs in Japan). KCC also holds several GMP-compliant pharmaceutical warehouses.

As a pharmaceutical broker, we comply with the EU Guidelines on Good Distribution Practice (GDP) to ensure the quality and integrity of pharmaceutical products throughout the supply chain.

Health food (creatine, alpha-lipoic acid, galacto-oligosaccharides),

Dairy ingredients (milk powder, Lactose),

Protein (whey, and plant-based products)

Recycled PP, PE

ChloroBenzene, Aniline, Polyethyleneimine, Wood powder, Lignocellulose and so on.

*We are also dealing with packing, FIBC.