Foods & Grains

The Grain, Oilseeds & Feedstuff Division supplies goods and services that are the basis for foods raging from grain and agricultural products including rice, wheat, soybeans, and corn, through agricultural processed foods, such as pasta, to feedstuff and fertilizer.

We are trying to contribute to the development of the world’s agriculture, foods, and dietary life with our creativity and innovation as well as our traditional challenging spirit.

The Foods Division focuses its sales on imported foodstuff for the restaurant, ready-made-meal, and retail markets mainly in Japan. In the areas of processed fruits and prepared foods, we established a joint-venture plant at an early stage for sorting and processing, and built an integrated production management system covering everything from procurement to manufacturing. Through such efforts, we provide our customers with high-quality safe food products to meet their demands.

Particularly in Europe, we have been establishing a long-term relation with European manufactures of foods, such as confectionary ingredients and wine. And we also have a strong partnership with producers of agricultural materials and marine products, such as fruits, corn, and fish in all over the Europe for exporting mainly to Japan. We also focus on selling authentic Japanese products such as Tofu, Sake and rice throughout our distribution channel in Europe. Our mission is to deliver delicious Japanese ingredients to European people’ dining tables.

Contact: KGG_Foods@kanematsu.de