Kanematsu develops and begins sales of Eco-Friendly Label “LIMEX Aqua Jet Label” using “LIMEX Sheet” mainly made of Limestone.

Kanematsu GmbH (hereafter, “Kanematsu”) has announced the launch of eco-friendly labels, “LIMEX Aqua Jet Label“ made with “LIMEX Sheet,” which is developed and manufactured by TBM Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan). LIMEX Aqua Jet Label, a water-based inkjet label that uses LIMEX Sheet, has undergone processing optimized for water-based inkjet printing and expanding the range of printing processes. Kanematsu has started selling two types of glossy/matte processed products and will be able to provide environmentally friendly materials using LIMEX in the water-based inkjet printing field.

Compared to synthetic paper such as PP (polypropylene) and PET (polyethylene terephthalate) sheets commonly used for labels, LIMEX Sheet can reduce the number of greenhouse gases including CO2, and the amount of petroleum-derived plastics used. In addition, compared to paper labels, the product does not use any wood pulp as a raw material, and the amount of water required during manufacturing can be greatly reduced, contributing to the conservation of forests and water resources.

One of the key measures of the Kanematsu Group’s medium-term vision is to “promote investment in business fields with the themes of the environment, society, and safety to achieve the SDGs.” Through the sales and popularization of “LIMEX Aqua Jet Label”, Kanematsu will build a decarbonized society and contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the world.

* “LIMEX Aqua Jet Label” is pending trademark registration.