Kanematsu and Skyport

Kanematsu and Skyports form partnership to launch commercial AAM operations in Japan

Tokyo, Japan 21st April 2021 – Kanematsu Corporation , major Japanese trading company and Skyports, the world’s leading dedicated vertiport company have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to expand their collaboration.

The aim of the partnership is to enable advanced air mobility (AAM) in Japan, with the companies working together to facilitate the deployment and operation of permanent and sustainable AAM transport solutions for both passengers and cargo.

Beginning their collaboration in 2020 with a focus on vertiport infrastructure and engaging in joint research as well as providing a platform for discussions with local public and private stakeholders, in April 2021 the agreement has been extended to include the drone delivery market.

Duncan Walker, chief executive officer at Skyports, said: “Establishing a presence in new markets, especially in an emerging industry, requires considerable expertise, as well as detailed understanding of local regulatory and political frameworks. Working with partners such as Kanematsu, we have a world-class, local presence which will do much to support our first steps to success in Japan. Kanematsu shares our aspiration of unlocking the sky for advanced air mobility, and this collaboration brings us one considerable step closer to launching successful commercial AAM operations in the region.”

Yoshiya Miyabe, Senior Managing Executive Officer, Chief Officer, Motor Vehicles & Aerospace Division, at Kanematsu, said: “We are excited to have a strong partnership with Skyports, the world leader in ground infrastructure solutions for AAM and drone delivery. We see a huge opportunity for AAM and drone delivery to benefit the future of transportation for both people and goods. It is our greatest pleasure to team up with Skyports. Together we will bring forth innovations in aviation and help to revolutionise air mobility and transport logistics to benefit people’s lives, communities and countries’ economies, in an environmentally sustainable and responsible manner.


1. About Skyports

Skyports is a leading enabler of advanced air mobility (AAM) and provides the critical link between the ground and the sky. The company designs, builds and operates take-off and landing infrastructure for air taxis, and partners with electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) passenger and cargo vehicle manufacturers around the world to enable safe and efficient flight operations within urban and suburban environments.

Skyports also provides drone delivery through its logistics arm, Delivery by Skyports, which is already proving the viability ofthe company’sbest-in-class unmanned systems technologieswithin the medical, e-commerce and logistics sectors. This technology will be essential to the success of the wider Skyports air taxi infrastructure solution.

Based in London, United Kingdom, Skyports has projects operating in multiple continents, including in Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and Africa. Skyports investors include Deutsche Bahn Digital Ventures, Groupe ADP, Irelandia Aviation and Levitate Capital.

Find out more at: www.skyports.net

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2. About Kanematsu

Kanematsu Corporation, a major Japanese trading company having 130 years of history, is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. By multiplying our business networks in Japan and overseas with our vast experience in general trading, information-gathering, market cultivation, business incubation and project-forming, risk management and logistics, Kanematsu is committed to creating new businessesasaValueCreator. Kanematsuisinvolvedinawiderangeofbusinessesthroughitsfour segments: Motor Vehicles & Aerospace, Electronics & Devices, Steel, Materials & Plant and Foods, Meat & Grain. In aerospace area, we are proactively expanding our businesses areas, such as eVTOL, UAV, helicopter, fixed wing, engine, infrastructure and so on. For more information on Kanematsu’s businesses and services, visit our website at https://www.kanematsu.co.jp/en/.

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